A Brief Discussion on the Tattoo Culture in Italy

Think carefully. What do Alexis Skyy, American television personality, Alexandra Shipp, American actress, Melissa Satta, Italian television presenter, and Chiara Ferragni, Italian entrepreneur have in common? All of them have statement tattoos that bear a special significance.

If you observe Alexandra’s wrist, you may notice the words – “Vivere per sempre – meaning ‘living forever’.  Alexis has inked “La vita è bellissima” or “life is beautiful” on her shoulder. Chiara and Melissa’s pieces also run on the same line. Tattoos are a pretty common sight in Italy. The natives here use them for expressing what they feel about love, life, and universe.

How Many People in Italy Have Tattoos?

All sorts of body modification are popular in Italy, especially tattooing. A latest survey showed that about 15% of Italians have one tattoo at least. Surprisingly, women ink more than men.

Now if you have decided you are going to adorn your skin, please opt for a design that you know you will love for an eternity. Ask yourself, will the design look good when you are old? If you go through the procedure without much thought, you may have to consider laser removal in the future.

The Most Common Tattoo Themes in Italy

Before contemplating about tattoo prices in Florence Italy, which is reasonable by the way, decide on the theme.

The Italians are extremely proud of their nation and of their unique heritage. It must not come therefore as a surprise that the tattoos are in the shape of the country. The Italian flag and the Italian horn are also on-demand. People carve phrases such as ‘trust in Almighty’, ‘love thy country’, etc.

Tattoos are utilised for memorialising family and friends, as a means to honour them. Several Italians select a theme that represents their faith. A cross is common and so is Jesus Christ on it.

Tattoos Down the Road

Looking down the road, getting a tattoo will fortunately never go out of fashion. However, it will be quite fascinating to see how the designs will change as the inking technology enhances. The three dimensional (3D) printers are now relied on for creating exceptional designs that fit different body contours perfectly.

Disappearing tattoos are in vogue. They fade after a stipulated period, so, your ink does not have to be a permanent commitment. That’s amazing, right? When it comes to archetypal designs, Italians will always depend on tri-coloured flags and meaningful quotes that cherish life. Why? Because life is always beautiful in Italy.

Tattoos are exceptionally significant in Italian culture since they provide an opportunity to depict the meaning of and the passion one feels for life. Be careful when choosing a design. You would want to end up with something that looks unappealing and mean nothing. Also, rely on someone proficient. The studio tatuaggi Firenze acquired maximum recognition probably because it assures quality along with affordability.

Aftercare is quite essential. You cannot expect anything to last if you do not care for them, let alone a tattoo. Please adhere to the instructions specified by your artist under all circumstances.

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