8 Landscape Design Tips For Newbies

Designing your garden or redesigning your old space needs a lot of thinking and consideration. Gardens make our homes and life a lot better – they improve the quality of air that we breathe, it shelters us from rain and wind, it invites sun and shade, it relaxes us by giving nature tones of brown and green.

The problem for newbies is the idea of where to start. These are garden design in Sydney tips and most useful ideas when gardening.

 1.           Eastern and Western Design Traditions

There are huge differences between western and eastern design traditions. Knowing and understanding them will let you choose which one to use in designing your garden..

Western traditions are based on straight lines, symmetry, and rectangles while eastern traditions are of irregular shapes, curves and the use of materials such as rocks, water, gravel and anything that symbolizes the natural world.

 2.           What’s the Purpose of Your Garden?

The three main goals of creating a garden include raising food, making a visually pleasing space or creating a living space. Ask yourself a question. What do you want your garden to accomplish? After realizing the answer, you can start gathering the materials.

 3.           Define the Boundaries of your Garden

Before anything else, clarify the perimeters of your garden and give your eye something to focus, be it a fence in the distance or a hedge.

 4.           Take Advantage Of Those Borrowed Views

You are lucky if you are surrounded by beautiful views and sceneries. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of it. Incorporate these borrowed views into your landscape and avoid blocking it with a high fence.

 5.           Foundation Plants To Anchor The House

You can tie your house by planting plants such as shrubs at the base or the foundation of your house. Training vines to grow your house’s walls is also a good idea. This idea will benefit both your house and your garden.

6.            Utilize Your Patio Right

If you want to utilize your patio into an outdoor dining room, you need to make sure that it is easily accessible from your kitchen. If you want a spot that’s secluded and peaceful to read a book and relax, you can put your patio at the edge of your garden.

 7.           Right Dimension For Your Walkway

Laying out a path as small as 18 inches for tight spaces is still okay. However, if you have wide spaces, it is recommended to lay out a wider path to give your garden a more spacious feel.

 8.           Choose the Kind of Plant That Will Thrive On Your Climate

This is one very important piece of advice; you do not want plants that will only die when exposed to too much sunlight if your space is abundant in it. Choose plants that are native to your place. You can also check on your neighbor’s garden to see which plants are happy and thriving.

Garden Design in Sydney will also advise you to consider the shape and size of your tree at maturity. Give it enough space and let it grow as high as possible, you will end up getting a beautiful specimen.

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