6 Quick Tips for Effective Exam Preparation

Exams have always been a nightmare for most of the students. Different types of students have different strategies to prepare for their exams. But in the end, not every student is able to finish their study plans and mostly tend to do the last-minute preparations. As a result, the majority of the students are not able to achieve the marks that they have aimed or wished for. So what went wrong? Is it their planning or ineffective ways of preparation? As a student, we all want to secure those good marks and get appreciations from parents and teachers. For this to happen, students must get to know some tips for effective exam preparation. The time is not too far before schools start kicking off their pre-boards or mock or revision test exams. So here are some tips to get started.

1. Having enough time to study

Starting early is the key. If your exam preparations begin earlier you also get to allocate time to the revision of studies. The best way to do a quick revision is by solving any cbse sample papers. Hence, preparing a neat study plan which includes the time for revision becomes an efficient way to kick start your preparations.

2. Be organised

Completing your syllabus is the first step but at the same time, utilizing your time efficiently is also very important. Students must prepare an agenda of the portions which need to be finished every day right from the very beginning. Doing this you will get an outline of how many days are left in order to complete your studies. Also, keep a check that you have enough time left to revise as well.

3. Use mind/concept maps

After finishing a particular chapter, prepare a mind/concept map of the concepts discussed in it. Make it attractive by drawing diagrams and using different colours for various sub-topics. By this way, you do a self-analysis of which particular part needs to be revised again. Finally, these mind/concept maps will serve a great last-minute reference of the entire chapter in a single sight.

4. Solve similar type exam papers

This is one of the most effective ways to prepare for your exams. In other words, this completes your preparation. Solving a similar kind of question paper of your examination gives you a complete picture on how to tackle questions and also makes you understand the weightage of questions asked from various chapters. For instance, a Class 9 CBSE student can solve any of the cbse sample papers for class 9 to boost their confidence in taking up the exams. By this way, students also learn the technique of managing time for the exam.

5. Take regular breaks

Incorporating quick and short breaks into your study timetable is very much needed for the brain to regain its focus. It’s not a good idea to study for long hours as the knowledge retention will be poor. Although it’s important to understand how much you have studied rather than how long you have studied.

6. Get enough sleep and drink plenty of water

A minimum of six to seven hours of sleep is essential in order to remember things while attempting exams. Most students commit the mistake of not having enough sleep and go sleep-deprived during the exams, which result in the incomplete attempting of exam paper. In that case, all the hard work put in goes vain. Also, remaining hydrated is vital and adds to your overall positive mood. Hence, it is recommended to drink water while studying for exams and even during an exam.

Successful implementation of these tips will definitely boost confidence among students to prepare and perform well in exams. Keep learning and download BYJU’S App for interesting Science & Maths videos. All the Best for Exams!

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