4 Tips For An Injury Free Comeback

After a long period of lockdown, gyms are starting to open again and multiple people are now getting ready to start their fitness regime once again. After so much time of sitting inside the house with everything online be it classes, workouts, fitness challenges and so many more things, returning back to everything again is very exciting for multiple people.

But there are some factors that should not be neglected. Before rushing back to the gym equipment again, it is very important for you to consult some experts at an experienced place like a sports injury clinic in Worthing so that you can take advice about your health and the amount of exercise or things you should do at the gym after such a long break. This will assist you in avoiding any sort of internal or external injury.

When the lockdown was normal, almost all of us were accustomed to a desk life where we had to work all day long and then go to the bed directly, there was almost zero involvement in physical activities. This thing can make your body unhabituated with the gym exercises and can make your body develop aches and other injuries that might hamper the comeback.

Here are some tips that will assist you in making an injury-free comeback:

  1. Look For A New Normal

This is the first thing that you are required to do, and almost everyone makes the same mistake of thinking to pick up where they had left the workout after such a long break. No matter if you have been exercising regularly until and unless you had the complete gym set in your house your body will require some time for adjusting to the heavy routine of the gym.

So, you must find a new target for exercising at the gym in the beginning by forgetting the old regime. This will give your body time to adjust and be comfortable with the change and will assist you in making an injury-free comeback.

  1. Do Not Avoid The Warm-Up

As mentioned before, multiple of us have been accommodated to our desk for almost the complete day since the lockdown came into action. This has taken a toll on our body whose outcome is an elevation in stiffness and deconditioning to the kinds of exercises that were being done by you the last time in the gym. Make sure that you have enough time at the start of your workout for warming up your body ideally and then practice some of the gentle mobility exercises to ignore the rising muscle and joint aches. This tip will assist your body in staying injury-free and fit.

  1. Elevate Your Activity Level With Time

While getting back to exercising or starting your workout regime, it is advised for you to do it in a slow manner. Doing this will help you in avoiding the overload applied in your joints and the soft tissues and creating different issues like joint aches. Set small goals for every day as progressing in a slow manner with time will let you strengthen your tendons, ligaments and other parts and avoid any sort of injuries.

  1. Make A Mixed Routine

Variety is the main essence of life and this is applicable when it comes to exercising too. One of the easiest ways to pick up an overuse injury is to repeat a similar kind of exercise with time, be it any exercise. Differing the kinds of exercises, you can assist you in preventing the overuse injuries by letting your body utilise the various muscle groups and not putting any kind of extra load on the body.


Now, if you want to get that extra advice before returning to the gym for your health and your regime then choose the ideal clinic like sports injury clinic in Worthing that will provide you with all the facilities and advanced technological equipment.

It is very vital to take care of the exercising regime after all the pauses that have occurred if you wish to make an injury-free comeback.

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