4 SEO tools for all companies in 2020

Knowing all the SEO entries and exits is very important if you want to increase your rating and increase search performance for your website. Knowing the basics of SEO, and the tools that industry professionals use, enable you to grow your business to a great degree.

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Taking advantage of search volume to increase demand for a product, understanding the questions your customers ask, and knowing the weaknesses of your presence on the Internet all help you to understand the sector in which you work and then improve the business of your company.

This week we put together our favorite SEO tools to help you gain an edge over your competitors.


The first tool that we will highlight is related to everyone who relies on Google Keyword Planner or the so-called Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension. This tool helps you greatly and is useful for everyone who works online.

Everywhere keywords are a simple browser that provides a direct reading of the search volume, the value per click, and competition directly in the search field, every time you perform a search. This tool works on some of the largest search engines in the world such as Google, Amazon, YouTube, and many others.

This tool is important when looking for opportunities for new keywords, and it proves to be a worthy efficacy when doing searches for no reason.

Screaming Frog

If you have worked in the field of e-commerce and the world of business on the Internet for a long time, the term web crawler will not be foreign to your ears. This term is usually used when talking about Google or other search engines and how you read your site, and there are actually more than “crawlers” or crawlers that can tell you the size and value of the information on your site.

One of these tools is Screaming Frog which is one of the best ways to check errors and learn what should be changed to improve your site. As your site evolves, errors will increase such as broken links, repeated pages, and weak content all will affect the performance of your site and may even lead to a bad user experience. Fortunately, this performance enables you to perform a comprehensive examination on your site, and better yet, this service is free for the first 500 pages.

This tool enables you to know if you have major errors on your site and must be addressed, and all this data can be transferred to a registered file if you want to go into the data.

Google Trends

Predicting future movements of consumers may mean the difference between a company’s business success or failure. Advance knowledge of your market means that you and your marketing team have the highest priority over any competitors who do not care about these matters, and here lies the paramount importance of Google’s direction in developing your business.

Google Trends is a tool from Google that shows you the volume of search on various topics and search terms vary over time. And when this tool is professionalized then you will be able to keep up with your content current trend and take advantage of these trends when they occur rather than after they occur. All the major companies to the microblogging can work to improve the content by understanding the trends spread on the Internet.

Respond to the audience

Responding to volume, or the so-called Answer the Public, is a very important keyword search tool that provides a visual presentation of terms used in searches for a specific topic, all in the form of a question. By collecting data from Google, the Audience Response tool quickly produces hundreds of important keywords, and it highlights what your customers might search for.

This tool does not provide search volume or competition data but focuses on showing the most famous search terms used, but when combined with tools such as “keywords everywhere” it becomes a very important tool for producing content and making marketing decisions.
Is there any SEO tool you use? Do you use any of the tools mentioned in this post? Share your opinion in the comments box below. If you are looking for more content related to SEO services, follow our previous infographic on this topic.

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