4 Granite Cleaning Products that Work

Granite is a stone that is often used to make shelves in kitchen, houses, and offices. Used widely by many for interior decoration purposes, granites are quite sturdy and hardy and can be used as stone shelves to keeps ovens and appliances in kitchens or in the bathroom to hold the sink and bath essentials. Although the stone is quite hardy and durable, it needs maintenance from time to time. If you are thinking of having a granite shelf at your place or you already have one then choose the granite cleaning productsthat will not only clean the stone but also add a coat of shine to it.

Four Best Cleaning Products

The stone is an igneous rock, that is compressed and polished off to soften the rough edges in hardware manufacturing factories. The stone slabs made out of granite are very hardy and durable, so it is most commonly used in the kitchen as it does not soak up stains and oil fast and can have a long lasting life.

The surface provided is also solid and even so that you can place the essentials on the slab easily. If you have a granite slab at home, then use these granite cleaning products for the best results.

  • The stone, although is tough, can have bad reactions to acidic cleansers. So, do not clean your granite kitchen countertop with any harsh cleanser that has a huge tilt towards the acidic content. It can cause your stone to get scratched, lose shine and de-colour in patches. This makes the stone fragile as well as gives it an ugly look.
  • If you have a granite slab in your washroom, then ensure that you do not place any acidic bathroom cleaners on it to avoid spills and splashes from the bottle. A continuing routine of spills and small splashes can also cause your stone to get eroded.
  • You can use solvents that are soft and mild and do not have any harsh chemicals.
  • Use granite shiners to enhance the shine, stone cleaners, and residue removers to have a clean and healthy stone. You can also add an extra layer of a gloss with a glossy finish for granites.

Along with using the granite cleaning products, remember to never put your full weight on the stone by standing or sitting down or kneeling or anything as such. The slab might be hardy, but it might break under the pressure of your weight or at least crack. Also, avoid keeping any hot utensil or any other items directly on the slab. The slab, although heat resistant can crack under too much exposure to heat at one place.

There are many colourful shades of granite, and if you want to play around with mixing and matching the stone slabs, you can choose from a wide range of available granites like pink, black, grey, and white. Maintain a healthy and good looking stone slab at your place smoothly with the use of proper cleaners.

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