11 Tips To Properly Maintain Your Car’s Automatic Transmission

Though the performance and durability of Mercedes transmission parts are spectacular, it is still up to you to take better care of your car’s automatic transmission. This is to better maintain how it performs and ensure that it does so for a much longer period. You will also be able to avoid having to pay a huge amount just to get incredibly expensive complicated repairs.

1. Check on the transmission fluid on a regular basis

Depending on the model of your car, it may be a lot easier to check the transmission fluid. If it is accessible to you without too much effort, you can check it yourself regularly. If not, then you should get a professional to check it.

2. Look at the vehicle’s owner’s manual

A lot of vehicle owners, especially those who are on their second or further car, will probably skip on looking at the manual of their vehicle. You should. There’s a lot that you can learn from it such as the right type of transmission fluid.

3. Don’t strain your car

Straining your car means that you change gears while it is still moving. Make sure that you change gears from drive to reverse only when it is at a complete stop.

4. Warm up your car especially during winter

Warming up your car will do a lot of good with its stability and longevity. Driving away as soon as you start the engine is what most people do, but deviate from it if you want to maintain your car’s automatic transmission.

5. Change the transmission filter regularly

Your car’s automatic transmission will probably have a filter. You will need to change it regularly to avoid damaging your car’s performance. Newer models usually don’t have a transmission filter, but if your car does, have it checked and changed from time to time.

6. Don’t depend on temporarily replacements for too long

Temporary replacements are only good for emergencies. Make sure that you get the appropriate Mercedes transmission parts for your car so that there is no risk of incurring long-term damages.

7. Remove the gunk

That burning odor that you smell is caused by dirty transmission fluid. Gunk can accumulate and can affect your car’s automatic transmission. If you drive in a densely populated area with lots of cars, remove the gunk regularly.

8. Minimize the stress on your brake

Constantly putting your put on the brake pedal causes a lot of harm to your car’s automatic transmission. Drive at a moderate speed to avoid having to constantly brake.

9. Tune the engine accurately

Symptoms that point to a transmission problem can be remedied and avoided entirely by tuning the engine accurately. Get your professional mechanic to look into your vehicle for the best setup.

10. Install an auxiliary cooler

To maintain your car’s automatic transition, you can install an auxiliary cooler.

11. Always seek professional assistance

Doing it yourself when it comes to maintaining your car’s automatic transmission is viewed as a cost-effective to mitigate issues early on. However, getting the help of an expert is still better in the long run.

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